Is Sand Serpent at Busch Gardens Closing Soon?

“Sand Serpent” by tvol is licensed under CC BY 2.0

There have been rumors of Sand Serpent closing on social media and YouTube after a demolition permit was filed for a structure at Busch Gardens. Sure, it could be for the play area in Jungala (which has now disappeared from maps), but with the demo of the looping starship Phoenix, all the chatter has been that this is the area for the next new attraction with survey markers all around Pantopia.

We’ve written about the history of this ride in the past and how it started its life at Busch Gardens Virginia. There are rumors it could move somewhere else in the park, but hopefully if this ride no longer has a place in Tampa, it can live on elsewhere. I also hope that the park can give us a few weeks warning if it is to close (like they did with Mäch Tower at Busch Gardens Williamsburg last year) so we can say goodbye and get one last ride in before it hopefully gives way to something new and awesome.

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