Serengeti Flyer Opens on February 27th!

Busch Garden’s newest ride opens on just 10 days! The Serengeti Flyer will be opening in the location of the old Rhino Rally station overlooking the Serengeti and all the animals. The new “flat ride” ride is in a very scenic area of the park overlooking the Serengeti and will provide a ride in a gap area between the Africa area and Pantopia.

This is not a not a new style of ride, but what’s known as a S&S Screamin’ Swing. These rides can already be found in places like Dollywood and SeaWorld San Antonio. They all are about the same with the newest one perhaps being a couple feet taller to claim the title of “world’s biggest” from the previous version. They also have differing names and theming, but the ride experience is about the same. This is an “off the shelf” attraction a park can buy and a chain may even buy multiple installs for several parks over several years at a discount. It gives a park a “New for 2023!” to create some media buzz and give new fans a reason to visit and regulars a reason to return.

Here’s a 2020 pic from the SkyRide as construction began to convert the old Rhino Rally station. I think it was called Project Jethro back then. Although there was a pandemic in the middle, it gives you an idea of the multi-year arc for a new attraction project like this.

I had a chance to ride a Screamin’ Swing at Dollywood and it was a ton of fun. It really does feel like you’re on a childhood swing up until that point when you’re parallel to the ground! I do think it’s great though that the park continues to invest in new attractions as it’s a sign of a healthy organization.

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