2019 Pics of Closed Rhino Rally at #BuschGardens

On my trip last week I managed to get a great look at Rhino Rally from the Sky Ride. Rhino Rally opened in 2001 and closed for good in 2014. It was a safari truck ride made by Vekoma, the famous ride company, and was the one and only of its kind.

The story behind the ride involved the guests helping locate a missing driver named Scooter Roberts. Riders went past elephants and other animals as well as a water section where the truck drove through alligator infested waters. The water section used hidden tracks (Vekoma) to capture and help guide the cars through the water and then release them to drive away. The ride was altered in 2010 and lost the breakdown plagued water section due to construction of Cheetah Hunt before closing completely in 2014.

Here is a great video from Expedition Theme Park talking more about the history and showing some ride footage.

Sad that I never got to ride this, but hopefully like Tidal Wave became Tigris and Gwazi will become RMC 2020, this location will develop into something special in a few years.