Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens to Reopen this Spring

After being closed for nearly a year, Falcon’s Fury is expected to reopen soon according to this article from Tampa’s Bay 9 News! The shutdown reportedly is not related to the tragic drop tower accident in Orlando, but instead to not being able to get spare parts due to supply chain issues.

It’s hard to imagine how some parts being unavailable could keep a multi-million dollar attraction down for a year, but working in mechanical equipment myself I’ve seen some crazy lead times. I’d imagine for safety and liability it’s best to source the parts from the manufacturer (even if it takes forever) rather than try to remanufacture something elsewhere.

Even though the wait has been long, it’s great to hear Falcon’s Fury will be flying again. Now Busch Gardens, Let’s talk about Sky Ride that was supposed to open in 2022 🙂

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