The Child Swap Policy at Busch Gardens for Single Riders is One of the Best Using Their Quick Queue Program

So in my family 23 have me, a ~44″ 6 year old and my wife who likes more tame roller coasters, but not the big stuff like I do. The dilemma we have on many visits is how I can get a ride on something like Shiekra without having to abandon my family for an hour. Thankfully Busch Gardens Tampa has a not too well publicized workaround for this situation when only one parent wants to ride.

If you go up to the Quick Que attendant and very importantly bring the undersized child (proof of parenthood seems quite important to the attendants), they’ll give you a Quick Queue pass for a return time equal to the current wait. So if you show up at Cheetah Hunt at 11am and the wait is 50 minutes they’ll give you a return time of 11:50am. The ability to use this 1 or 2 times a visit has been so wonderful and really increased the quality of our visit. It would be awesome to see some single rider lines on the big rides, but this is an awesome workaround. Thanks Busch Gardens for this great program!

Explaining Cheetah Hunt LSM (Launch) Technology with 3D Printing by Amusement Labs

I’m a huge roller coaster fan and even have a sister blog dedicated to 3D printing (this entry appears on both sites). One of the more recent advances in roller coaster technology has been the use of magnetic launches as opposed to the old school lift hill (think click, click, click up the hill). To be fair launch does go back 50+ years with examples like the Tidal Wave coaster I used to ride at Six Flags Great America as a kid. This defunct ride actually used a falling weight and pulley system to launch the train with a deafening “clank” as the weight hit bottom! One of my personal current favorite launch coasters in Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa where the launches are used to mimic the acceleration and movements of a cheetah.

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