Summer Nights is back at Busch Gardens bringing fireworks, Cirque Electric and great music!

Busch Gardens starts its Summer Nights this week with events running May 26th through August 6th. Events include extended hours, fireworks and lots of great entertainment. The two gems of Summer Nights are the fireworks and the Cirque Electric show, however the addition of several party zones and other entertainment really amp up the energy in the park making for lots of fun.

Fireworks are a theme park favorite and Busch Gardens shoots theirs on Friday and Saturdays along with some holidays. The show is visible almost anywhere in the park, but is probably best watched in the festival field with a DJ, dancers and other entertainment to pass the time before the show starts. There are also tons of bleachers with backs making the seating really cofortable and easy compared to places like Disney. The fireworks involve water, laser and flamethrower effects along with some live musicians. The only real bummer with the fireworks is that it shuts down Iron Gwazi and Sheikra for 30-60 minutes as they are in the firing zone. The Busch Gardens fireworks may not make my wife cry like the Magic Kingdom show, but it’s a lot of fun and a great way to end the day at the park. Below is a video from last year and a description from the park.

“As the sun goes down, the park lights up with a dazzling display of colors and sound. From jaw-dropping colors to intricate patterns, the Summer Nights Fireworks Spectacular, will leave guests in awe. With the perfect music to accompany the show, it’s an unforgettable experience that will make it a summer night to remember.”

Cirque Electric is one of my all-time favorite theme park shows. It’s in the air conditioned Stanleyville Theater which seats 1200 people. It’s a high energy show with several circus style acts (in the Cirque du Soleil) style with some great dance intermissions. The cool thing is that the acts can change throughout the season, but frequent ones are the “Wheel of Death“, trick roller skaters and strength/balancing acts. There are videos of each in the previous links. This show is a great way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon.

The park is also bring back Gwazi Beats which is a drum show in front of the coaster with cool costumes, stilt walkers, dancers and some lighting/water effects on the drums. In addition on June 11th the Dragon Fire Grill will be debuting a show called Icons which will feature “live performances of fan-favorite hits inspired by musical legends.” It’s great to catch some live music at Dragon Fire over a meal in the cool on a hot summer day or hide out here during an afternoon Florida rain storm. The ice skating show also has a “remix” version for this season.

Summer is a great time to visit Busch Gardens. The heat on some days is no joke, but those hottest afternoon hours can be a great time to catch an indoor show, eat indoors or hit Cobra’s Curse with it’s air conditioned indoor queue (regular’s little secret). Enjoy summer and hope to catch you at the park!

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