Possible Reason Why Skyride hasn’t Reopened Yet?

I was recently at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and had a chance to ride the Skyride there, which made me miss the one in Tampa even more. It’s been “reopening soon” for some time now with the rumors being that it needed its cable replaced. I then ran across this ski lift video (which Skyride basically is) and how there is such a backlog of maintenance being that there are literally a handful of people worldwide who can splice and connect this kind of cable.

Basically it sounds like these people have their pick of projects and with skiing being a huge industry that is probably willing to pay big dollars to keep its slopes open, it makes sense that a theme park with multiple other rides may unfortunately fall to the back of the line. Hopefully it opens soon though as it’s now that last long term SBNO left at Busch Gardens Tampa (other than the Jungala play area) after Phoenix and Wild Surge bit the dust.

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