Ride Iron Gwazi Today? According to @ThemeParkMedia it was already built and opened years ago.

So you may have seen the unfortunate news that Iron Gwazi will now be opening in 2021:

People have been curious of the similarities between Iron Gwazi and another RMC coaster, Zadra, in Poland. They are practically identical. The video interestingly points out how peculiar this is given that Iron Gwazi is a “retrofit” (using the footers of the the old Gwazi coaster) and Zadra was a completely new build with no such restrictions. Basically the theory goes that Iron Gwazi was designed first years ago as “Twisted Tiger” to replace Gwazi, but Busch Gardens didn’t have the money for it. Energylandia contacted RMC wanting a new coaster and they basically built the already finished design (Zadra) originally intended for Busch Gardens. When Busch Gardens was finally ready to move forward they basically got the same slightly tweaked coaster due to the limitations with the retrofit site. With the layout similarities, the timelines and the name/trademark filings, the theory really seems to make sense.

So if you find yourself in Poland, go ahead and ride Iron Gwazi, I mean Twisted Tiger, I mean Zadra and experience Busch Gardens new ride well before the now 2021 opening date!

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