Scorpion at Busch Gardens Gets a Paint Job

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Oh heyyy, Scorpion šŸ˜

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This paint job on Scorpion (the park’s oldest coaster opened in 1980) looks amazing!  When it opened almost 40 years ago its original paint scheme featured orange track and black supports, but this changed to red track with blue supports in a 2004 repaint.  I asked about the paint required on Instagram and actually got a response:

“Approximately 55 gallons of blue paint and 74 gallons of orange paint!”

Looks like it was money and time well spent as the track’s drab and matte finish now looks new.  You can see in the video below the fading, especially in the red, but I guess 15 years in the Florida sun can do that to you.  Hopefully this means it’ll be around for a while as he roller coaster’s height restriction is only 42 inches which means for many this could be the first “real” coaster they ever experience.  A little paint can go a long way on/in a house in renovation and apparently this applies to coasters as well.

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