You Can Own a Piece of Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa is part of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. which is publicly traded under the ticker SEAS. The company operates 12 parks including 5 water parks and is the 9th largest theme park operator in the world.  By buying stock in SEAS you can literally own a piece of the park!


Chart courtesy of

The stock chart for SEAS has looked a bit like a roller coaster at the park, but at ~$24/share today (3/27/19) it has nearly double the value it was 12 months ago.  The analyst predictions are quite a mixed bag with several expecting it to go much higher and several thinking it’s time to sell.  These are mainly short term (less than a year) projections based on technical calculations, not long term trends.  I’m more of a long term buy/hold type rather than a trader believing in buying what I like.

This is by no means a solicitation attempting to get anyone to buy stock, but instead letting you know about a great way to learn more about the business side of the park.  The reports a public company like SEAS is required to provide can give a peek behind the curtain at the company’s inner workings and how it compares to competitors.  The annual reports are goldmine of great info about strategy, future plans and business risks.  Investing in theme parks is kind of like a real life game of Roller Coaster Tycoon and studying the info can build great skills/knowledge for future investment and retirement.

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