Repainting Coasters at Busch Gardens and the Great Work of Baynum Painting

Years in the hot Florida sun are not kind to paint and especially when it carries high speed objects with all the vibrations and movement involved. From time to time a coaster needs a fresh coat of paint to keep corrosion at bay and the ride looking sharp.

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Get Free Admission all Year for your Preschool Kid at Busch Gardens

The Bush Flyers (Picture by Doug Mancosky)

Now is the season to get what is essentially a free Fun Card for your 5 and under, just go here. Even if they turn 6 this year you can still get it and it’s as simple as an online registration. As an added bonus it’s good for Islands of Adventure waterpark too!

You must register your child and visit by February 27, 2022. Registration can ONLY be done on the website. This offer is not available for registration at the park front gates. Once activated, the Preschool Card is valid for admission through December 31, 2022.

This can be a great way for a family to have a year of fun on the cheap when coupled with Fun Cards for the older kids and adults. Also, if you’ve never been there are TONS of things for younger kids to do at Busch Gardens!