New Fireworks Display “Spark” Starts This Weekend at Busch Gardens!

Spark Logo from

This weekend there’s a new fireworks spectacular on weekend evenings at Busch Gardens as part of Summer Nights. The park website describes it as:

For an epic finale to a coaster-filled day of adventure, guests will be drawn to the vibrant energy radiating from a unique new production on the Festival Field. As the most stunning show ever to light the park’s sky, “Spark!” will feature an explosive array of fireworks and exciting effects from dazzling lasers to graceful water elements and dramatic pyrotechnics.

Love that the show even has its own logo and super excited to see what “water elements” means. A fireworks show is a great way to end a day at a theme park. Look forward to checking this out personally in June!


Cirque Electric Starts May 28th at Busch Gardens!

A new show is coming to Busch Gardens this year called Cirque Electric. It will take place in the Stanleyville Theater and starts May 28th. It’s great to see live entertainment returning at the park and the fact that it doesn’t appear to be replacing any other shows and is just a new addition is even better. Although details are still a bit light, it’s now on the park’s website and described as:

From the daring airborne aerialist to stunning displays of balance and strength and a fascinating act on wheels that cannot be missed, guests will be dazzled by world-class performers in this all-new acrobatic stunt show located at the Stanleyville Theater.

There has been a show of the same name at some Sea World Parks (video above), so we’ll assume at least parts of these shows will be borrowed. Some cirque style entertainment with feats of balance and strength should be a great fit to the parks entertainment lineup. I’m headed to the park in early June and can’t wait to see it! Now we just need to get the animal show back in Pantopia to make my 4 year old son happy 🙂

Happy Birthday to Scorpion at Busch Gardens!

Our friends at BGT History had a great reminder that May 16th was the birthday of Scorpion. Scorpion is 41 years old and the second coaster built at the park and now its oldest after Python closed in 2006. The coaster fits in a small footprint, but still packs a punch for its 90 second ride. This coaster will always hold a special place for me as this spring it was my 4 year old son’s first real coaster (non Air Grover) when he reached 42 inches.