Past Due Construction Bills on Busch Gardens New Iron Gwazi Coaster?

Sea World (parent company of Busch Gardens) may be feeling the financial impact of coronavirus more than initially thought as it appears to have fallen behind on some bills. Specifically several of its partners such as Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) have filed liens over unpaid bills over many of the company’s new 2020 rides.

Rocky Mountain Construction, the builder of Iron Gwazi, filed in Hillsborough County late last month a lien for $3.5 million out of $9 million it said it was owed.

Orlando Sentinel article

Although the parks are now reopening, the company essentially went without income for 3 months, so some cash flow issues could be expected. Let’s hope that the park is being overly paranoid in conserving cash and deferring payment on a few invoices with minimal short/long term ramifications. Hopefully these will be settled soon so that great companies like RMC will continue to partner with Busch Gardens to bring us spectacular new rides like Iron Gwazi.